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How to stream without using tons of data.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime, YoutubeTV, etc... cause massive amounts of data consumption. Using massive amounts of data on a LTE connection is a sure way to get deprioritized or even have your LTE connection terminated without notice. We'll go into detail on a few of these services to show you how to use less data.

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Security systems and LTE connections

Video surveillance systems are a great way to keep an eye on your property and utilizing LTE internet allows you to do so even in remote areas where internet is typically not available. However, setup may be a bit tricky. Here are a few tips for successfully getting camera systems installed and working.

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TV & Movie Streaming with Mobile Internet

Video streaming allows watching live TV or specific shows on demand over the internet anytime you like. Video streaming has become very common and affordable; however, the amount of data and resources to provide this is mind boggling. So just what does it take to stream successfully, and what are the limitations, when relying on mobile internet? Let's find out!

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Gaming over LTE internet

Gamers typically think they need a static IP for their games to function properly. They don't. In this article we will explore the mysterious world of gaming on a LTE connection.

First, let's lay out some groundwork.
1) A modem is a device which brings the internet into your home or office, in our case LTE internet.
2) A router connects to your modem and disperses the internet to your internal network whether wired or wireless.

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