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USLTE Announces Equipment Recycling Program

USLTE strives to ensure that our products are designed, packaged, and recycled in a sustainable way. We can help you recycle your old USLTE products no longer in use.

USLTE products do not store any personal information, so there is no need to be worried about security.

Recycle your old and used USLTE devices

  • 1. Request a free shipping label
  • 2. Package your device, antennas, and power supply in a sturdy box, attach the supplied label, and place it in your mailbox or drop it off at your local post office. Please use your original packaging if you still have it.
  • 3. Enjoy peace of mind. Your device will be recycled responsibly.
  • 4. If your device qualifies, you may receive compensation! If you are eligible for compensation, we will either credit your card on file or mail a check to the address you provided at the time of your submission.