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Viprinet - Always Online
Always Broadband

Businesses need 100% network up time. 
Without Viprinet, this is a difficult task to achieve.

•  More bandwidth
•  100% up time
•  Highly secure
•  Cost efficient

Viprinet systems make use of various service providers and differing technologies to give you seamless access and network backup.  This  allows 100 % network up time and more bandwidth for less monthly cost.

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viprinet - A solution
for any application

Mobile or fixed, linked to a vehicle or to a corporate site: Any project can be implemented with Viprinet.

The modular design of multi-link VPN routers allows you to instantly take advantage of the latest technology. For example, our 2007 model routers, today, support modern standards such as VDSL or LTE / 4G/ 5G by simply replacing the Hot Plug modules. Multi-channel VPN concentrators can also be customized for specific purposes with additional software licenses such as video streaming or complex customer and billing structures. Thus, all Viprinet products offer investment protection.

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always Connected

Our WAN bonding technology allows you to not only minimize your costs but combine the bandwidth of different providers as well. 

If one WAN goes down, your connection still continues to work.  With our rock-solid connectivity solutions, you will see more than 99.999% uptime!

Cost Saving

By bonding different WAN technologies and providers Viprinet enables you to replace expensive MPLS links with cost-effective consumer-grade Internet connections.

This can reduce you WAN costs by up to 40% while providing better performance.  Increase your return on investments with a complete and cost-effective Viprinet solution.

Bandwidth Bonding

Bonding different WAN technologies and providers will greatly increase the available bandwidth. Our bonding technology can combine the resources of several WANs into a single, highly accessible joint line, providing the overall bandwidth of your linked lines - whether xDSL, UMTS, LTE / 4G/ 5G or satellite.

Increase your bandwidth up to 10 times and get rock solid  reliability from your connections.


Bonding different WAN technologies and providers means that each IP packet is split and sent through different providers, making it impossible to hack your data connection. In addition, Viprinet uses the highest security standards for encryption.

We protect your connections with carefully tested encryption methods.  Viprinet's track record speaks for itself.  11 years on the market without a single security breach!