USLTE - FAQ's & Coverage

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Utilizing multiple networks:
We cover 3 million people!
More than 90% of the U.S. population!
More than 2 million square miles!

The short answer is most likely!  While there are a few areas without coverage, we cover most of the United States.  Use the coverage map to the right to determine if there is coverage at your exact location.

Probably. We use multiple carriers. After looking at the coverage maps, if you still have questions please call us at 800-807-3523

Typical download speeds will vary between 5-12 Mbps.
Upload speeds vary between 2-5 Mbps. 
Latency averages around 150ms

Disclaimer: During times of network congestion, the data speeds could slow down some.

Never! USLTE does not slow down your connection, ever!

Your data may slow down during times of heavy network congestion, but this is common for anyone with any carrier.

Think of your LTE data connection as an all-you-can-eat buffet with the data being the food.  You can consume as much as you want to as long as you are being fair.  If you have already had your first plate of food (data in this case) and you are ready for your second plate, you may have to wait a little bit for someone else who has not yet eaten.  If you go to the buffet during lunchtime, you should expect to wait a little longer to get your food than you would if you went in the afternoon.  The wait, although inconvenient, does not limit the amount you can consume.  The same thing happens on LTE networks. So, during peak times and heavy congestion, de-prioritization may occur.  De-prioritization is the carrier's way of making sure everyone utilizing the network gets their fair share by making some wait while others are served.  De-proritization does not happen until the line has consumed more than 20 GB of data and does not limit the amount that can be consumed, but it does keep people from abusing all-you-can-eat-data privileges.

We have developed a great relationship with our carriers.  Part of making that relationship work are assurances that we use only approved devices; therefore,  our services will NOT work on devices we do not sell. 

Business internet is primarily intended for office-type use and not for streaming. Both use the same technology, but business class internet will not allow streaming to devices like Roku, smart TV's, Fire Stick, or other streaming only devices. You can still stream on a laptop, computer, phone, or tablet.

USLTE network coverage map.

Use the links provided below to check coverage for the different network providers. Be sure to read the map instructions before use.


external link to AT&T coverage map.AT&T


external link to T-Mobile coverage map.T-Mobile


external link to Verizon coverage map.T-Mobile